Vintage Indian Brick Mould


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Original brick moulds, which have been used in the brick industry for ages, can now find a new life as a beautiful piece of useful decoration.

The brick industry in India dates back to 6000 BC (Harappa Civilization) and since then brick moulds have been used. Today, the prepared clay is filled in the moulds, levelled with a float, inverted on ground in fix patterns and hereafter the bricks are dried in the sun and baked in a kiln.

Today, these beautiful, unique old moulds make for great stylish storage in any room of the house and can even be screwed to walls as shelving, singly or in stacks. Great interior ideas

Doubles also available

H10/L30/W15 cm

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Each piece is totally unique with it’s own character so everyone you receive will be different in some way

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Dimensions 30 × 15 × 10 cm